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The MYOB Issue

For some time now, MYOB have been working on the interface that developers like PPG use to transfer data to the MYOB database.

With the latest releases of MYOB (AccountRight 2011 & 2012), this interface has had a number of issues that mean the transfer of data from Business Manager to MYOB would not work.

This is an MYOB issue and all development partners like PPG are affected

MYOB have recently announced a totally new direction for the interface. Their current timeframe for MYOB to have the work completed is the first quarter next year.

At this stage, MYOB have said that they should be able to provide development partners like PPG with some information on the new interface, sometime in December 2012.

What you should do:

Customers should continue to use the AccountRight, AccountRight Plus, and Premier versions of MYOB

DO NOT upgrade any MYOB product without talking to PPG help desk first.

If you upgrade, you will not be able to transfer data between Business Manager and your MYOB system.

MYOB Support:

MYOB have said that they will support both the latest version (Account Right 2012) and older versions (AccountRight 19.7, AccountingPlus 19.7, Premier 19.7) for some time to come.

This should include any compliance and tax table updates.

What if I have purchased the latest versions?

If you have purchased Account 2012, you are eligible for a downgrade to the previous version.

Call the MYOB desk to get the details of what you need to do to downgrade.

When can I upgrade to the latest version?

Once we have been provided with the necessary information about the new direction MYOB is taking, we will complete the work needed to interface with the new versions of MYOB

Keep watching your Dashboard for Latest News or check this website for updates on the MYOB interface.


Previous Communications Regarding this issue. 

July 3, 2012 MYOB Compliance update 19.7

MYOB has released a compliance update to account for tax changes for 2012-2013 financial year.

If you are using MYOB version 19.5/19.6 then applying compliance update 19.7 will not effected how MYOB works with PPG Business Manager

Users should not upgrade to MYOB 2011 or 2012 as MYOB are still having issues with this release.


May 25, 2012 Please DO NOT install the latest version of MYOB AccountRight.

MYOB have released new versions of their AccountRight software. This was a major release, and in the words of MYOB’s management team, “It is fair to say the releases of both AccountRight and the ODBC have been challenging”

As part of the upgrade, MYOB also updated the driver that allows PPG Business Manager to communicate with the MYOB database. Currently, there are a large number of issues with regard to that driver, and upgrading to the latest version of MYOB will mean that your connection between Business Manager and MYOB will not work.

Until further notice, please do not upgrade your MYOB.

We will be in contact with MYOB to obtain the latest releases of the software and drivers as they become available. Once we have tested and ascertained that they function as they should, we will advise customers.

In the meantime, stay in contact with your BMSG representative and keep watching for further news on your Dashboard and this website.If you have any questions or you have already upgraded, you can call our helpdesk for advice on the best way forward.

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