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SMS from PPG Access Business Manager


Australian and New Zealand PPG Access Business Manager customers can now send SMS messages directly from their estimating software.   This new feature is a perfect way for busy shops to remind customers when to drop off and pick up their cars, or even to keep them informed of job progress.

Rather than your admin staff having to ring customers and leave messages, they can now quickly send an accurate SMS which the customer will have on their phone complete with all message detail. If this service prevents one customer from forgetting to drop off their car then it will have paid for itself. Customers can also reply to your SMS and the reply will be received via your normal email address

This latest development puts an SMS button on the Business Manager customer details screen next to the mobile phone number field. To send an SMS, a user just clicks the  “SMS” button, which pops up a text box, where the message can be entered or chosen from a number of message templates.    (note - button only appears once SMS account has been set up.)


The minimum monthly commitment per shop  is  $15.50 (+gst) which includes a 40 SMS credits/month plus one user licence - extra users licenses cost $1.50 (+gst)/month user licence (most shops will only need  1 user setup)

Domestic SMS cost 35 cents(+gst)/message while international messages cost 70 cents(+gst)/message

SMS usage in excess of the minimum $15.50 (+ gst) monthly charge will be charged  at the end of each month.

There is no minimum contract period - in the event that a shop does not find this service useful they can cancel their subscription by advising PPG who will remove access and  direct debit any outstanding balance on their account.

For further information contact your PPG representative or call PPG ACCESS help desk on(Australia) 1800 627 798 or (New Zealand) 0800 442 531.

To enable AccessSMS service please download and read

icon AccessSMS Service Agreement (74.44 kB)

and download and complete 

icon AccessSMS Charge Agreement (51.93 kB)

and fax to PPG on 03 9263 6999 (Aust) or 613 9263 6999 (nNZ)

 Download SMS Messaging Setup Guide

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